Student and Alumni Stories

Whether they wanted to make a career change, gain a broader health-related background or strengthen existing credentials, our Pre-Health students had specific reasons for wanting to attend Penn. Read how the program’s flexibility, collaborative learning environment and research opportunities addressed each student’s unique needs and helped put individual goals in sight.

Alex Acker
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘16
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania ‘21
A profound volunteering experience drove Alex to want to study medicine. At Penn, she found quality instruction, personalized advising, and a close cohort.
Dominique Alexis
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ’17
Medical Scribe, Scheie Eye Institute
Learn how Dominique connected her student community with a physician shadowing network and made an impact in the area around Penn.
Photo of Anneka Allman
Anneka Allman
Pre-Health Core Studies ’23
Working in a translational research lab convinced Anneka Allman that she could make a difference in patient care as a bench-to-bedside physician.
Alana Carstens
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘15
Tulane University School of Medicine ‘20
Discover Alana’s humanitarian efforts through the Penn Human Rights Clinic, a medical interpreting course and her volunteering experiences abroad.
Victoria Chang
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘18
Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University ‘23—expected
During her year in Penn’s Pre-Health Programs and beyond, Victoria Chang enhanced her dental education with service and leadership roles.
Jaemi Chu
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘16
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine ‘20
Hear how Penn’s Pre-Health Programs helped Jaemi find her passion for osteopathic medicine and the hands-on training she gained during her studies.
Tre Colbert
Tre Colbert
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ’21
Learn how science teacher Tre Colbert is pivoting from one noble profession to another after completing the Penn Pre-Health Specialized Study Program.
Stephen Cresse
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘16
University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine ‘20
Learn how Stephen, a registered nurse, changed his career path to surgery and anesthesiology after working at a clinic in the Dominican Republic.
Jesse Ebner
Pre-Health Core Studies ’19 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University ’24—expected
See how Jesse went from a career in finance to veterinary health with the support of her advisors and professors and hands-on experience at a local animal rescue.
Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox
Pre-Health Core Studies ’23
Learn how Sam balances work, school, and life while exploring a new career path.
John Grunyk
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘15
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania ‘19
Explore mentorship and linkage opportunities in Penn’s Pre-Health Programs through John’s experiences as a marketing-consultant-turned-medical-student.
Christopher Howard
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘16
Explore how Christopher, a former college football and rugby player, discovered his passion for medical research through Penn’s Pre-Health Programs.
Eliana Jolkovsky
Eliana Jolkovsky
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘20
Inspired to become a doctor by a medical mission to South America, Eliana found so many ways to excel at Penn from leading student groups, researching COVID-19 preventions, and earning a 4.0.
Laila Kalaf
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘18
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine ‘23
In the Specialized Studies track, Laila focused on enhancing her application for a linkage agreement at her first choice, a college of osteopathic medicine.
Rahul Kanade
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘15
Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine ‘21
Now in his third year at the Mayo Clinic, Rahul says that the biggest lesson in applying to medical school is to take your time and make sure you are completely ready.
Joyce Lin
Pre-Health Core Studies, ’21
See how a dedication to serving others led Joyce to change course from a self-employed violin teacher to a pre-dental student juggling academics and family life.
Allie Lockhart
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘18
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine ‘22
When Allie Lockhart pivoted from engineering to veterinary medicine, the Core Studies track provided the courses, experience, and advising she needed.
Lee McDaniel
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘15
Georgetown University School of Medicine ‘19
Look into Lee’s transition from computer science to medicine, and his research in childhood cancers with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Mark Meisarah
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘14
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania ‘19
Hear how a linkage with the Perelman School of Medicine and volunteering with LGBT health centers helped Mark find medical school success.
Alexandra Miller
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘15
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania ‘20
Explore Alex’s hands-on experiences at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and her transition from working in education to becoming a health professional.
Bradford Morris
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘19
Bradford approached his high school teaching job through a lens of healing. When he decided to pursue medicine, the Core Studies track made it possible.
Alex Pickett
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘18
While completing a customized curriculum to meet her professional goals, Alex Pickett helped to coordinate shadowing opportunities for fellow Pre-Health students.
Linc Rhodes
Pre-Health Specialized Studies
‘15 Columbia University College of Dental Medicine ’20
Discover how Linc’s professors at Penn helped him find dental school success.
Photo of Kacie Roman
Kacie Roman
Pre-Health Specialized Studies Program ’23
Learn how the Penn Pre-Health Programs helped Kacie Roman pivot from CPA to Penn Vet student
Daniela Schmulevich
Pre-Health Core Studies ’21
When a global pandemic created big changes in the Pre-Health Programs and beyond, Daniela Schmulevich and her peers stepped up to create a climate of support and collaboration.
 Pre-Health Core Studies ‘19
Anna Smith
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘19
In Penn’s Pre-Health Programs, Anna enjoyed many opportunities to learn, research, and work with others who shared her passion for animal health and care.
Matt Sparks
Pre-Health Specialized Studies
‘14 University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine ‘19
Hear how Matt was able to shadow at the Abramson Cancer Center through a connection made at the Pre-Health Distinguished Speaker Series.
Trishya Srinivasan
Pre-Health Specialized Studies ‘18
Discover how Trishya connected with students and faculty to make the most of her Pre-Health experience.
William (Dean) Wertz
Pre-Health Core Studies, ’21
As computer science major, Dean sees a clear connection between his undergraduate studies and his current pursuit of preparing for medical school.
Photo of Pre-Health student Liz Wimberg
Liz Wimberg
Pre-Health Core Studies ’23
Liz Wimberg has worked as a cook and a paralegal, but dentistry was always her dream. At Penn, she could pivot her creativity and communication skills toward a fulfilling dental career.
Diana Zarowin
Pre-Health Core Studies ‘18
Dive into Diana’s hands-on experiences and discover how she uses her entrepreneurial perspective to make the most of her time at Penn.
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Experience is essential

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