MES in the Community 2019

MES in the Community

For a fashion-forward Penn alumna, sustainability is always in style

Octavia Sun (MES ’18) is turning her sustainability research into a platform to discuss environmentally conscious practices in the apparel industry. 

MES in the Community, Akudo Ejelonu

Putting two and two together for a dual master’s degree

For Akudo Ejelonu (MES ’18/MPH ’17), a dual degree program provided opportunities to make connections between fields, professions, countries, and identities.

MES in the Community, Kristen King

Multi-master’s degree alumna takes a global approach to environmental studies

Kristen King (MES/MEng/MS ’17) draws on every element of her interdisciplinary education in China, France, and the United States.

MES in the Community, Lauren Kurtz

In defense of environmental science

Dual degree graduate Lauren Kurtz (MES ‘12/JD ’10) draws on her legal and environmental expertise to protect climate science research.

MES in the Community, Valerie Preethi Vincent

In the business of sustainability

Excellence in Environmental Studies Award winner Valerie Preethi Vincent (MES ’19) discusses her career pivot to environmental sustainability.

MES in the Community, Yvette Bordeaux

A course of nature

MES program director Yvette Bordeaux helps students of the environment find different pathways to a greener future.

MES in the Community, Frederik Wouda Kuipers

Balance of power

Frederik Wouda Kuipers (MES ’18) researches sustainable strategies for electric vehicles and municipal energy use.

MES in the Community, Sam Royer

Getting into the weeds

Penn Park Supervisor Sam Royer (MES ’19) enhances his landscaping experience with environmental science.

MES in the Community, Meg Kramer

Where there’s a will, there’s a waterway

At the Water Center at Penn, Meg Kramer (MES ’18) merges her business acumen with her commitment to sustainability.

MES in the Community, Hannah Kass

Not just a walk in the park

When Lindsey Walker (MES ’13) started the Master of Environmental Studies program at Penn, she enrolled in as many field classes as she could.

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