MES in the Community 2015

MES in the Community, Anya Saretzky

Blazing trails for transit

As an undergraduate, Anya Saretzky (Master of Environmental Studies, ’14), was interested in finding ways to affect change in areas like urban decay, poverty and equity. She discovered a bridge in the environmental field that set her on the path to where she is today.

MES in the Community,  Tom Brightman

The seeds of biodiversity

Read how Tom Brightman (MES ’10), Longwood Garden's Land Stewardship Manager, is taking the lead on green initiatives and endeavors in sustainability.

MES in the Community, Stephanie Chiorean

Changer in a strange land

When Stephanie Chiorean (Master of Environmental Studies ’08) emigrated from post- Communist-era Romania to Southern California when she was just 10, the drastic change created a lifelong awareness of the relationship between nature and urban spaces.

MES in the Community, Nidhi Krishen

Behind door #3

Read about Nidhi Krishen’s (MES ’15) switch from the binary word of software engineering to the pursuit of her lifelong interest in environmental protection.

MES in the Community, Hannah Kass

Right in our backyard

Read about how recent grad Christopher Putvinksi (MES ’15) is impacting environmental health on the domestic and global fronts.

MES in the Community, Julian Goresko

The patient idealist

Read about how Julian Goresko (MES '14) is transforming waste management and composting on Penn’s Campus.

MES in the Community, Rupal Prasad

The rivers run through us

Rupal Prasad (Master of Environmental Studies ’13) had been working in a neurobiology lab as a research assistant for over five years when a chance conversation sparked a new train of thought.

MES in the Community, Alex Warwood

A greener horizon

In 2010, the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill wreaked havoc in the Louisiana Gulf. At the time, Alex Warwood (Master of Environmental Studies ’13) was serving as a marine science technician in the Coast Guard.

MES in the Community, Mike Coll

Noise complaint

When Mike Coll (Master of Environmental Studies ’08) felt unsatisfied with his work — as a woodworker and photographer in Philadelphia — he took a practical approach to figuring out what he should do next.

MES in the Community, Tony Tancini

Turning the tide

Surfing at the Jersey shore was supposed to relax Tony Tancini (Master of Environmental Studies '10), a commercial and environmental litigator at a prestigious Philadelphia firm. But Tony couldn't get rid of a troubling thought every time he suited up and took to the waves.

MES in the Community, Christina Simeone

Mastering the art of the possible

As a policy advisor who's worked in both Governor Rendell’s administration and for former Vice President Al Gore, she says, she's learned that "making real change in the world means understanding compromise. And I find identifying compromise to be very attractive."

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