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Online Master of Science in Applied Geosciences courses

Primary Courses - Fall 2022

Course Number Course Title
EESC 5200 690 Aqueous Geochemistry
EESC 5630 695 Hydrology
EESC 5720 695 Environmental Due Diligence
EESC 6770 695 Geocomputations
EESC 6810 690 Applied and Environmental Geophysics
EESC 6820 690 Geomechanics: Solids
EESC 6840 690 Engineering Geology: Rock Mechanics
EESC 9900 990 Masters Thesis

Secondary Courses - Fall 2022

Course Number Course Title
DYNM 6190 001 Organizational Project Management
DYNM 6580 001 Fundamentals of Sustainability
ENVS 5404 660 Wetlands
ENVS 5706 660 Modeling Geographical Objects
ENVS 6611 660 Floodplain Management in a Changing Climate

This table provides you with information on the LPS policies for course registration and quotas for our courses. Please be advised that course enrollments are in flux during the drop/add period. We will update this web page daily if any changes in course status occur. Students who have been closed out of classes by quotas or who are attempting to register for classes that are full are advised to register for backup courses, to continue to try to register for their preferred courses and to check this page regularly for any course updates.

If sections are closed, students will not be able to register. If the course appears open, but you are told you cannot register, no permits will be granted as the remaining seats have been reserved for LPS students. Please check the course’s crosslisting to see if a seat might be available in another section. If you have further questions please contact:

Spring 2022 Course Registration and Permit Queries

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Dates and deadlines

For important registration dates and deadlines, see the Academic Calendar.

Dates & Deadlines

DeadlinesFor important registration dates and deadlines, see the LPS Academic Calendar.