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Faculty Academic Advisors

When you enter the Master of Chemical Sciences (MCS) program you will be assigned an academic advisor based on your chosen concentration. Academic advisors help select courses appropriate for your area of concentration and support your career development by helping build connections on and off campus. The MCS Associate Director will facilitate the selection and assignment of an academic advisor. You should meet with your academic advisor and/or the Associate Director at least once a semester to discuss your academic progress and choose courses for the following semester. The following table summarizes the research areas of Penn Chemistry faculty.

Visit the Penn Chemistry site to learn more about our faculty and their research areas.

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Faculty Organic Inorganic Biological Physical Materials Nanoscale
Jessica Anna       x    
Tobias Baumgart     x x    
Zahra Fakhraai     x x x x
Feng Gai     x x    
Marsha Lester       x    
Andrea Liu       x    
Abe Nitzan       x x  
Andrew Rappe       x x  
Elizabeth Rhoades     x x    
Jeffery Saven   x x x    
Joe Subotnik       x    
Donald Berry x x        
Karen Goldberg   x     x  
Cherie Kagan   x     x  
Daniel Mindiola x x        
Chris Murray   x     x x
Eric Schelter x x     x  
Neil Tomson   x     x  
Patrick Walsh x x        
David Chenoweth x   x   x  
Donna Huryn x          
William Dailey x          
Madeleine Joullié x          
Marisa Kozlowski x x        
Gary Molander x x     x  
Virgil Percec x       x x
Amos Smith x   x      
Jeffrey Winkler x   x      
David Christianson     x      
Barry Cooperman     x x    
Ivan Dmochowski   x x x x  
Ponzy Lu     x      
Emmanuel Skordalakes x   x      
Benjamin Garcia x   x      
Megan Matthews     x      
Ronen Marmorstein     x x    
Sergei Vinogradov x   x x    
James Petersson x   x      
Donald Tomalia x          

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