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Study at an Ivy League university and live on Penn's campus for an incredible US college experience

The International Guest Student Program (IGSP) at the University of Pennsylvania is the gateway for highly qualified international undergraduate students to pursue for-credit coursework at a top-ranked Ivy League university. The IGSP is designed to support your goals, whether you are seeking to enhance your academic record, build your credentials for graduate study, or refine your language and cross-cultural communication skills.

Our skilled advisors help you select appropriate courses based on your language proficiency, academic back­ground, schedule, and interests. At the completion of the program, you receive transcripts from the University of Pennsylvania and are awarded credits that can be transferred to your home institution.

As a guest student at Penn, you have access to world-class libraries, computing facilities, academic and language support resources, and accommodations in campus resi­dence halls. In classes and around campus, you interact with a diverse student body of undergraduate and graduate students, providing numerous opportunities for cultural and language exchange.

We look forward to speaking with you as you explore the opportunities that await you at Penn.

Student stories

Watch recent international students talk about their experiences with Penn classes and the city of Philadelphia.

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Fast facts

Number of students in the 2018 program
Number of countries represented by current students: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, UK, Vietnam
Number of academic departments available for students to explore

Upcoming application deadline

The application deadline for fall 2024 admission is June 1, 2024.

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