Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage applicants to submit before the December 1 priority deadline for a faster enrollment decision. The MBDS program only admits a certain number of students each fall, so getting your application in early increases your chances of being considered for enrollment. Our standard application date is February 1.

There are no scholarships or grants specific to the MBDS program. Therefore, most students self-fund their degree through loans or personal savings. Other students secure external scholarships or are sponsored by their employer.

Deferrals are rarely granted. Some students may leverage their MBDS acceptance into an external scholarship or to be sponsored by their employer, but we cannot guarantee a deferral. Therefore, apply to the MBDS program when you are ready to join the next fall cohort.


Career Services at Penn provides professional development support and on-campus recruiting experiences for domestic and international students. Penn MBDS alumni have access to a wide variety of support from Penn Career Services indefinitely.

Most of our students are securing positions as strategists, consultants, and analysts (quantitative, qualitative, financial, etc.). Many of our students have "Behavioral" in their title, for example: Behavioral Strategist, Behavioral Analyst, and Behavioral Scientist. Graduates are securing positions with large and smaller boutique consulting groups, tech companies, and nonprofits.

Our master's program is only offered in a traditional in-person classroom setting.