Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics

The Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics (Penn CSNBD) is a major research center at the University of Pennsylvania, which aims to support positive behaviors on a global scale, across both informal and organizational settings. Penn CSNBD has undertaken a range of projects with different partner organizations around the world by leveraging our expertise in measuring behavior, analyzing behavioral data, and identifying systematic behavioral drivers. Please note that Penn CSNBD has integrated the work of the Penn Social Norms Group (Penn SoNG) and Behavioral Ethics Lab.

Opportunities with Penn CSNBD include:

  • Gain hands-on research experience by working at Penn CSNBD
  • Provide consulting services to Penn CSNBD clients on behavioral change projects
  • Meet industry-leading experts in social norms and behavioral changes at the Norms and Behavioral Change (NoBeC) Conference
  • Engage with the NoBec Talks series
  • Participate in laboratory experiments, go into the field, and theorize about findings
  • Learn about innovative methods for measuring, analyzing, and identifying behavioral data

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Upcoming application deadlines

The priority admission deadline for fall 2025 is December 1, 2024. The regular deadline is February 1, 2025.

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Anu Raghuram

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“I knew I wanted to do a design challenge in the first place so that I could apply what I was learning in a real-world context.”
— Anu Raghuram, MBDS `19