Current Students

Penn LPS support services for well-being

If you have any doubt about where to turn, Penn’s HELP Line is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, at (215) 898-HELP.

If you are feeling uneasy, unwell, or want to talk to someone:

Wellness at Penn

(215) 898-7021 

Student Health Service
(215) 746-3535 

Student Intervention Services
(215) 898-6081 

Office of the Chaplain
(215) 898-8456 

For current LPS students, the following resources offer guidance, instructions, key forms, and handbooks to students from each of the many communities we support. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact LPS staff with further questions at


Path@Penn is your main hub for information about your academic records, financial aid, and student profile. 

For important registration dates and deadlines, see the Academic Calendar.

Current student forms

Financial aid and billing

Current students can learn more about financial aid and billing in this video from Penn’s Student Registration and Financial Services, hosted by Joe Manning, Associate Director of Graduate and Professional Aid.

Name changes

Leave of absence policy

 Students take time away from their studies for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • To manage a medical concern
  • To fulfill a family obligation
  • To pursue career-related opportunities
  • To complete military service
  • To work on a political campaign

While interrupting your studies to take time away may seem intimidating, a leave is a means to the successful completion of a degree, not a barrier to graduating. More than three-quarters of students who take a leave return to complete their degree within two years.

If you are considering a leave, take time to think carefully about your goals for your time away and for when you return. Speaking with an LPS program director is an important first step. Depending on your circumstances, you should get advice from other sources as well. Students taking time away in order to manage a medical condition should discuss the leave with their healthcare provider. Your LPS program director will help you connect with other campus resources as you prepare to take a leave of absence, such as Student Financial Services, Housing, and International Student and Scholar Services.

Students typically take a leave for a full academic year. Individual circumstances may require more or less time; the length of the leave is determined by the school. Students on leave should remain in contact with their LPS program director and update them about changes in plans. The return from leave process supports students in a successful re-entry to academic life at Penn. When preparing to return, students must consult their LPS program director to develop a plan that includes the connection with appropriate resources.


A transcript is a representation of a student’s academic record while at the University of Pennsylvania. You may need a transcript to apply for graduate school or for employment purposes. Be sure to confirm with whoever is requesting your transcript whether you need an official transcript or if an unofficial transcript will suffice. Penn encourages you to request electronic transcripts whenever possible for the most efficient service, as long as such a transcript is acceptable for your purposes.  

Official transcripts can be ordered through the "Order my official transcript" link on Path@Penn for a fee. Most students and alumni from the Class of 1988 onward can view unofficial transcripts for free at any time through Path@Penn.

You can also find transcript request instructions for specific student and alumni populations at: