MES in the Community 2018

MES in the Community, Haley Jordan

Waste not, want not

As Zero Waste and Litter Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia, Haley Jordan (MES ’18—expected) teams up with local partners for a cleaner city.

MES in the Community, Bailey Smith

Branching out

From urban forestry to energy efficiency, Bailey Smith (MES ’19—expected) explores the human element of environmental challenges.

MES in the Community, Mahvish Azim Ilyas

Shining a light on community action

Excellence in Environmental Studies Award winner Mahvish Azim Ilyas (MES ’18) wants to shine light on solar energy.

MES in the Community, Kristen Henwood

The best laid plants

At Willistown Conservation Trust, Kristen Henwood (MES ’12) promotes environmental sustainability from the ground up.

MES in the Community, Jana A. Hirsch

Thinking outside the walls

An urban health researcher who studies the way people travel in cities, Jana A. Hirsch (MES ’10) knows that there are many paths to success.

MES in the Community, Johanna Rosen

A farm for the community

Johanna Rosen (MES ’13) founded Mill Creek Farm, a nonprofit educational farm in the heart of Philadelphia. Now she helps other farmers secure affordable land.

MES in the Community, Hilary Leifsen


“Penn’s Master of Environmental Studies (MES) helped me realize that I am a big picture kind of person. In the classroom and out in the field, I often asked myself, ‘How do we get people where they need to be to fix a problem?’” shares Hilary Leifsen (MES ’16).

MES in the Community, Amanda Wood

Seeing the forest for the trees

Explore Amanda Wood’s hands-on experiences working in urban forestry and resource management while earning her Master of Environmental Studies.

MES in the Community, Tiffany Ledesma

Deep blue

“I am connected to water because of my upbringing in Puerto Rico. The Master of Environmental Studies (MES) program at the University of Pennsylvania was instrumental in providing opportunities that fostered my passion for linking water and people,” reflects Tiffany Ledesma (MES ’01).

MES in the Community, May Vickers

The business of going green

“I learned how to create win-win situations within stakeholder management in Penn’s Master of Environmental Studies (MES),” shares May Vickers (MES ’16), a sourcing manager for FMC Corporation’s Global Procurement Group.

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