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Organizational Dynamics Programs courses

By bringing together students from a wide range of professional backgrounds—corporate, nonprofit, military, and government—we foster innovation in our classrooms. When students from fields such as law, human resources, education, healthcare, insurance, and technology come together with our faculty, they build new conceptual connections and address problems more creatively.

Format and schedule

Organizational Dynamics Programs courses may take place in-person (on campus), online, or a mix of the two. While some courses incorporate asynchronous content, they are primarily synchronous and require regular online or in-person attendance. While it is not required that US citizens reside full time in Philadelphia, students are required to be in person for classes and events. International students must reside in the United States.

Our courses are scheduled to meet the needs of students who are working full time. Often, our classes meet once a week for three hours in the evening. Some of our classes are offered as weekend intensives, which means classes meet for full days over a few weekends. Still others offer a schedule that mixes these two schedules. The program staff provides a calendar for students to navigate our range of class meeting times.

Most students take one or two courses a semester so that they may complete the program while managing other personal and professional obligations.

Current Organizational Dynamics Programs courses

Course Number Course Title
DYNM 5010 Perspectives on Organizational Dynamics
DYNM 5510 The Devil's Advocate: Power of Divergent Thinking
DYNM 5580 Social Media and the Organization
DYNM 6020 Leader-Manager as Coach
DYNM 6060 Leading from the Center: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential
DYNM 6160 Myths to Media: Stories on a Mission
DYNM 6170 The Economics of Human & Organizational Life
DYNM 6190 Organizational Project Management
DYNM 6200 Art & Science of Understanding Paradox in Organizations
DYNM 6280 Organizational Diagnosis
DYNM 6310 Everyday Intergenerational Conversations: Baby Boomers & Millennials
DYNM 6320 Developing Agile Leaders and Organizations
DYNM 6390 Sustainable Change: Managing Organizational Culture to Achieve Leadership Goals
DYNM 6410 The Art and Science of Organizational Coaching
DYNM 6420 A Cognitive Playbook: Out-Think, Out-Perform
DYNM 6430 Effective Public Presentations in Organizations
DYNM 6440 Applied Organizational Change: Methods Dojo
DYNM 6460 Race, Ethnicity, and the American Workplace
DYNM 6470 Influence and Persuasion
DYNM 6510 Group and Team Dynamics
DYNM 6540 Crisis Communications and Reputation Risk
DYNM 6570 Strategic Engagement with Government
DYNM 6580 Fundamentals of Sustainability
DYNM 6590 Art and Relational Skills
DYNM 6610 Organizational Culture Change: Theory and Practice
DYNM 6680 What a Businessperson Needs to Know about Qualitative Social Science Research
DYNM 6730 Stories in Organizations: Tools for Executive Development
DYNM 6760 Communication Competence: Extracting Value in Key Organizational Interactions
DYNM 6770 Post-Disruptive Growth: Scaling and Growing for Individuals and Systems
DYNM 7560 Managing Innovation and Creativity
DYNM 7580 Sweden: Strategies for Thriving in the 21st Century
DYNM 7660 Global Collaboration for Sustainability: The Food-Water-Energy Nexus in Italy
DYNM 7810 Dynamic Hub of Americas: Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development on the Isthmus of Panama
DYNM 7860 European Approaches to Complex Multi-Stakeholder Project Management

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Student & alumni stories

"Organizational Dynamics has been an ideal educational experience for me because it embraced science, research and innovations in team leadership."
- Ashley Nettuno, MSOD ‘15

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