Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences courses

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Spring 2023

Course Number Course Title
BDS 5010 675 Behavioral Science: Theory and Application of Experimental Methods
BDS 5020 675 Norms & Nudges
BDS 5030 675 Behavioral Public Policy
BDS 5110 675 Negotiation Behavior
BDS 5160 675 Data Science and Quantitative Modeling
BDS 5210 675 Judgments & Decisions
BDS 5550 675 Groups and Networks
BDS 5850 675 Consulting in Behavioral Science
BDS 5880 676 Special Topics in Behavioral and Decision Sciences
BDS 5990 675 Capstone Experience
Note: BDS 5999 Behavioral Science Individual Capstone is only available to students who enrolled in the program before 2022.

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