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Partner with LPS

The College of Liberal and Professional Studies provides exceptional intellectual resources and access to pioneering understanding and discovery. Our faculty, students, and alumni routinely lead the world in cutting-edge research, scholarship, and education. For organizations looking to solve challenges, or to grow their staff in numbers or in expertise, Penn LPS provides ways to connect with our community of scholars to help you exceed organizational goals.

Ways to partner with Penn LPS

Train your workforce

Tuition reimbursement programs help organizations train and retain an effective, adaptive workforce. Penn LPS offers a variety of educational options with flexible schedules designed to enhance employee education without interrupting a full-time career.

Jonathan Broder

Jonathan Broder, Chief Legal Officer at Conrail, Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts ‘19

"I'm very passionate about my company, and I pitched the MPhil as a vehicle to tell the company’s history in a way that would keep the reader’s interest. My company has been really helpful. I did get tuition reimbursement, and they let me hire summer interns to work on the project."

Invest in our students

Penn LPS is committed to offering programs that combine Ivy League academics with opportunities for practical, real-world applications. Partnering organizations can offer internships or more focused research projects and benefit from our emerging experts while providing them with valuable on-the-job experience and mentorship.

  • Hire a student intern and partner with program leaders to define responsibilities and scope of highly sought professional experience
  • Partner on problem-solving through programs that apply classroom learning to specific challenges for short-term, focused projects
  • Join an advisory board with other thought leaders and experienced practitioners to provide insight into evolving trends in industry employment, training, and best practices
Anu Raghuram

Anu Raghuram, Master of Behavioral and Decision Science ‘19

“I wanted to do a design challenge so that I could apply what I was learning in a real-world context. I formed a really good relationship with the industry partners, and eventually collaborated with them for my capstone project. Having a sound understanding of behavioral science has benefited me in my current role at every stage, from forming research questions to shaping a story from the data.”

Recruit talent

Penn LPS is dedicated to preparing students at all stages of life for academic excellence, professional success, and global citizenship. Our vibrant community of students, graduates, and faculty are dedicated to creating a better world.

  • Meet prospective interns and job candidates at career fairs
  • Present your organization’s opportunities in our classrooms
  • Engage with capstone students on specific organizational needs, research, and challenges
Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts, Master of Chemical Sciences ‘19

“The program opened me up to different careers in chemistry and connections with companies who come down and talk with our class. I took a tour of a natural products research institute and was very interested in their work.”

Contact us 

Reach out to Penn LPS to learn more about our degree programs and how you can engage with us through partnerships, recruitment, scholarship, and thought leadership. Contact us at or call (215) 898-7326.