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Transcript Submission

See below for international policy.

To apply to a program, you must submit transcripts of your academic work by uploading copies of unofficial transcripts through the online application system. We accept file formats .doc, .xls, .pdf and .txt. Applicants are strongly encouraged to upload a copy of their official transcript, along with the transcript key/legend. Grade or advising reports are acceptable only if the transcript is not available.

If you are offered admission, you will be required to provide official final transcripts of all previous academic work to verify the information provided. Offers of admission are not binding until academic records are verified.

In order for a transcript to be considered official, we require one of the following:

  • Original hard copy mailed to LPS directly from the issuing institution
  • Copy with official stamp, seal and/or embossed marking, and which arrives in a sealed envelope bearing the institution's stamp or seal (this may be sent from the applicant)
  • Emailed transcript from official electronic delivery service

Copies, opened or unsealed envelopes, unofficial printouts or facsimiles will not be accepted.

You must show your original school record for your coursework; transfer credits as indicated on another school’s transcript are not accepted. In addition, you are required to submit official transcripts from each school you have previously attended or are currently attending. Many schools take a number of weeks to fulfill transcript requests, so please plan accordingly.

Official transcripts should be sent to the following address: 

College of Liberal and Professional Studies Admissions
3440 Market Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3335

  • Please check with your university or college to determine if an electronic transcript delivery service is available.  
  • If the option is available, please request your final official transcripts be sent electronically to Electronic submission of transcripts improves tracking and reduces processing time.   

Once your official transcripts arrive in our office, allow 3-5 business days for your academic records to be processed and verified. Processing time may be longer during peak periods.

If there are discrepancies between the self-reported academic work and official records, the offer of admission will be revoked. The school grading scale or other standards of evaluation, including minimum passing and failing marks and the definition of grades between them, should appear on official records or be provided as an attachment. You will be unable to register for courses until your final official transcript has been received and verified.

International transcript (academic record) policy

Official transcripts are required from each international institution attended in order to complete the application. If transcripts and diplomas are not issued in English by the institution, both the official record and an authorized English translation must be submitted. All translations should be complete and literal renditions of the original record. Records should show the following information:

  • Dates of enrollment
  • Courses taken
  • Units of credit or time allotted to each subject during each term or year
  • Marks or ratings in each subject
  • Degree earned and date awarded (if this is not listed on transcript, official degree certificate is also required)

The school grading scale or other standards of evaluation, including minimum passing and failing marks and definition of grades between them, should appear on official records or be provided as an attachment.

Records issued only once by institutions should be photocopied and certified as official copies either by school officials or legal authorities such as embassies or notaries public. These documents should be sent to us in a sealed (unopened) and stamped envelope. Please do not send the original of an academic record that cannot be replaced.