Senior Auditors

The College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) is committed to providing inspiring educational experiences to intellectual explorers of many ages, interests, and backgrounds. We’re honored to invite lifelong learners to share in the exciting academic atmosphere at the University of Pennsylvania through our Senior Auditing Program. The Senior Auditing Program allows learners aged 65 and older to audit undergraduate lecture classes at Penn's School of Arts and Sciences. We offer a diverse array of courses each semester in a variety of disciplines.

Spring 2024 courses


The rates listed below will be effective fall 2023 through spring 2024.

All tuition and fee charges are subject to the approval of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and may change without notice.

Courses Fee Total
1 $500/course $500
2 $500/course $1,000

Request more information

Please contact the Senior Auditor Program directly to request more information. We can be reached by email or by telephone at (215) 746-7040. If you would like to be added to the Senior Auditor email list, please include your full name and preferred email address. After you are added to the list, you will receive an email notification when the approved Senior Auditor Program course listing is published for the upcoming academic semester. Course listings are generally published two to three weeks before the start of each semester.