The Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellowship

Christopher Peterson, a founding instructor in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania, taught in word and deed that "other people matter." To honor the legacy of Chris’ life and contribution to positive psychology, the alumni of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania created a scholarship following in the tradition of Chris’s generosity to students and colleagues.

The Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellowship (CPMF), a partnership between the MAPP Alumni Association, Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences, and the Positive Psychology Center, provides tuition remission of up to 50% to one or more new MAPP students annually. Recipients demonstrate service to others, academic merit, and financial need. This scholarship is intended to reduce barriers and enhance pathways to scholarship for candidates that might not otherwise be able to attend. The CPMF application process is highly competitive, and the scholarship is partial, so we encourage applicants to continue to pursue other forms of financial aid in addition to the CPMF.

Application process

  • Complete your MAPP application by March 1.

  • Then, by March 15, complete the scholarship application form below and submit your domestic or international financial need form. 

The application for 2024 is closed.

Fellowship winners

Nicole Pérez Cueter
Nicole Pérez Cueter, 2022 Fellowship Recipient

Blum Founder

Learn what drew Nicole Pérez Cueter into the MAPP program and hear her plans to bring the transformative power of positive psychology to Latin America.
Dacia Carter
Dacia Carter, 2021 Fellowship Recipient

Retention and Mentoring Program Coordinator, UNI Department of Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice, University of Northern Iowa

Learn what drew Dacia Carter into the MAPP program and hear her plans to help underserved students feel at home in college with positive psychology and heart.
Dawaine Cosey
Dawaine Cosey, 2020 Fellowship Recipient

Director of Culture and Empowerment, Ron Brown Preparatory High School

See how Dawaine plans to take the positive psychology approaches he’s been using with his secondary school students and evolve them into programs for underserved students in higher education.
Frank Jackson, 2020 Fellowship Recipient
Frank Jackson, 2020 Fellowship Recipient

English/Spanish teacher, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Frank Jackson enrolled in the MAPP program to bring the language of positive psychology to the Black community, and in his capstone research will explore the stigma associated with clinical psychology, especially for men of color.
Celeste Caton, 2019 Fellowship Recipient

Immigration Services Program Manager, Jewish Family Service of San Diego

Learn how Celeste finds inspiration in human resilience as an advocate for the immigrant/migrant community on both sides of the US-Mexico border.
Martín Blank, 2018 Fellowship Recipient

Founder and Director, The Astronauts Social Emotional Learning Programs

Explore Martín’s classroom applications of social emotional learning, such as mindful breathing exercises.
Christine Robinson, 2017 Fellowship Recipient

Senior Advisor and Philanthropy Consultant

Explore Christine’s application of interest in applying positive psychology to large-scale policy and social change initiatives.
Tajender (TJ) Singh Luthra, 2016 Fellowship Recipient

Director General of Police, India

Learn how one community leader in India uses positive psychology to influence policing.
Dwayne Allen Thomas, 2015 Fellowship Recipient

Senior Court Attorney

Discover Dwayne’s social impact research interests, including raising the bar exam pass rate of African-Americans.
Danny Torrance, 2014 Fellowship Recipient

Employee Engagement Specialist, Philadelphia’s Center for Independent Living

Read about Danny’s journey in using positive psychology to create opportunities for greater health, happiness, and well-being, with both the staff he works with and the clients he serves.