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MES in the Community

More MES in the Community

Food for thought from an agricultural sustainability leader

Linda Froelich, global sustainability director at FMC, brings deep expertise in the agriculture industry to her new Master of Environmental Studies course.

A Penn alumna on the essential business of sustainable utilities

Iliana Sepulveda (MES ’13) grew up in a town scarred by industry; now she is contributing to a more sustainable model.

Wildlife conservation was her passion; now it’s her career

Youqi Fan (MES ‘20), an international student and a relative newcomer to environmental science, describes inclusivity at Penn and envisions the zoo of the future.

MES in the Community, Hayley McCurdy

A Penn student designs her degree around the industries that power change

For Hayley McCurdy (MES ’20—expected), an individualized curriculum helped her make connections and explore her interests in energy, economic development, and environmental stewardship.

MES in the Community, Hannah Kass

A flexible curriculum and an environment of growth

An anthropologist by training, agricultural researcher Hannah Kass (MES ’20—expected) came to Penn in search of new perspectives and interdisciplinary mentors.

MES in the Community, Helena Rudoff

A Penn alumna partners with local businesses in the race toward zero waste

Channeling her passion for public service into the Zero Waste Partnership program, Helena Rudoff (MES `19) shares insight on reducing, reusing, and recycling.

MES in the Community

A multidisciplinary curriculum unlocks a singular career

In charting his course of study, Gee Paegar (MES ’18) discovered new passions and an opportunity to unite them in a fulfilling professional role.

MES in the Community

For a fashion-forward Penn alumna, sustainability is always in style

Octavia Sun (MES ’18) is turning her sustainability research into a platform to discuss environmentally conscious practices in the apparel industry. 

MES in the Community, Akudo Ejelonu

Putting two and two together for a dual master’s degree

For Akudo Ejelonu (MES ’18/MPH ’17), a dual degree program provided opportunities to make connections between fields, professions, countries, and identities.

MES in the Community, Kristen King

Multi-master’s degree alumna takes a global approach to environmental studies

Kristen King (MES/MEng/MS ’17) draws on every element of her interdisciplinary education in China, France, and the United States.

MES in the Community, Lauren Kurtz

In defense of environmental science

Dual degree graduate Lauren Kurtz (MES ‘12/JD ’10) draws on her legal and environmental expertise to protect climate science research.

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