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Building bridges to reach people where they are

Building bridges to reach people where they are

As an MES instructor, freshwater ecologist and graduate program alum Lauren McGrath (MES ’16) teaches the importance of connecting with people in protecting the land.

photo of Dr. Swati Hegde, a sustainability research specialist

For this instructor, sustainability involves a detailed view of the big picture

Everything is connected, says research specialist Dr. Swati Hegde. In her courses at Penn, students explore all the layers that add up to the complex reality of sustainable practices.

Teaching the hard facts and soft skills for careers in sustainability

In her classes on sustainability, instructor Linda Froelich prepares students for careers implementing sustainable environmental solutions.

Protecting the region’s water resources with a balance of science and statute

Wetlands provide numerous ecological services, says EPA scientist Robert George (MES '13). Conserving them requires policy knowledge, scientific data, and the ability to communicate both.

Reshmi Nair

Balancing work, life, and a passion for the environment

Reshmi Nair (MES ’08) grew up advocating for the environment. She shares how over the course of her academic and career journey, life happened.

Zhao Liu (MES/ML/MS `25—expected)

This multi-master’s degree student is ready to make a global impact

Environmental causes need people from all disciplines, according to Zhao Liu (MES/ML/MS `25—expected); in his view, policy and investment can be important tools in addressing environmental issues.

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