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Alumni Stories

Alumni of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program are transforming their communities and their workplaces around the world in a myriad of roles. They are improving the effectiveness of project teams and managers, encouraging patient self-efficacy and using positive interventions in healthcare settings, creating strategies as human resources professionals, leading educational institutions and fostering positive peacekeeping in the United Nations. Read our stories below to learn more about how the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program has helped students create fully engaging lives and careers.

Chief Happiness and Well-being Officer at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
Noof Mohammed Al Jenibi, MAPP ‘18

Chief Happiness and Well-being Officer, United Arab Emirates University
Head of Research Unit, Emirates Research Center for Happiness

Learn how Noof puts positive psychology into practice at United Arab Emirates University’s Center for Happiness Research.
Jenn Beatty, MAPP ‘18

Research Coordinator, Wharton People Analytics

Discover the line of inquiry that motivates Jenn to build on her master’s research and pursue a PhD in psychology.
Martín Blank, 2018 Fellowship Recipient

Founder and Director, The Astronauts Social Emotional Learning Programs

Explore Martín’s classroom applications of social emotional learning, such as mindful breathing exercises.
Christina Cheuk, MAPP ‘19

Director of Inclusion and Diversity, McMaster-Carr Supply Company

See what positive psychology tools and techniques Christina was able to apply in her role as Director of Inclusion and Diversity.
Scott Clewis, MAPP ‘19

Trial Attorney, Clewis & Associates 

Join Scott in exploring the potential positive psychology has to transform high-stress professions such as law and medicine.
Evelina Fredriksson, MAPP ‘19

Founder, Swedish Institute of Positive Psychology

Learn how Evelina champions the power of applied positive psychology in her work as a teacher and facilitator across three continents.
Joseph Glaser-Reich plans to apply positive psychology to support fellow maritime rescue specialists
Joseph Glaser-Reich, MAPP ‘18

Aviation Survival Technician

See how Joseph Glaser-Reich plans to apply positive psychology to support fellow maritime rescue specialists.
John Hollway, MAPP ‘18

Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Law School

Find out how Executive Director John Hollway used positive psychology techniques to benefit the Quattrone Center at Penn.
Eunbit Hwang, MAPP ’14

PhD student in management and organizations ‘21—expected

Experience the MAPP program through Eunbit, a full-time international student whose research focuses on culture and well-being.
Nico Rose, PhD, MAPP ’14

Vice President of Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition, Bertelsmann

Learn how Nico, a leader in Europe’s largest media company, helps clients and employees manage emotions in the workplace.
Patrick Sweeney, MAPP ’14

Consultant and best-selling author

Discover how Patrick, an expert in leadership communications, coaches baby boomers through new careers and life stages.
Rosalinda Ballesteros Valdes, MAPP '15

Director of the Institute of Happiness Sciences, Universidad Tecmilenio 

Explore Rosalinda’s inclusion of positive psychology in high school curricula in Monterrey, Mexico.
Elizabeth Weight, MAPP ‘18

Director of Communications, Utah Department of Transportation

Learn how Elizabeth, a public servant with a passion for bodybuilding, applies positive psychology to promote well-being in her personal network and statewide.

MAPP alumni directory

Many Master of Positive Psychology graduates are listed on our MAPP Alumni Directory. If you are looking for speakers, authors, teachers, consultants, coaches, therapists, or a variety of other roles, use this resource to get in touch.


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