Becoming an Agile and Creative Leader

Becoming an Agile and Creative Leader

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DYNM 6590 001
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This course meets on a hybrid schedule.

Saturdays in-person: 9/7, 9/28, 10/26
Wednesdays online:  9/4, 9/18, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20

This course offers an environment and experiences to learn, practice and develop a creative leadership profile. Classes will be highly experiential leveraging experiential learning through the arts. Art and creativity offer a rich experiential learning opportunity to develop skills that are needed for the mental and emotional agility necessary to cultivate creativity.   

Creativity is an innate capacity of every human being, meaning that it can be “unleashed” or learned to a certain degree. Creativity can be shadowed by intrinsic (intolerance of uncertainty, an ideal of perfection or excellence, etc.) and extrinsic conditions (lack of time or other resources, unsupportive environment, etc.). This course focuses mainly on developing the intrinsic skills that facilitate creativity in individuals. It also helps identify the extrinsic conditions that support creativity.   This course builds on existing research and literature as well as in the experience of the instructor implementing art and creativity in Penn Organizational Dynamics and Visual Studies courses as well as in other business settings.   

This course is ideal for working professionals seeking a space to delve into the complexity of creative leadership.. Non-DYNM students: please include a brief job description in your permissions request.
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