The Intersection Between Business Agility and Sustainability and Its Impact on Organizational Design in the Netherlands

The Intersection Between Business Agility and Sustainability and Its Impact on Organizational Design in the Netherlands

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DYNM Category: A; Concentrations: LMC, GL, SD. Travel Dates: Depart US 6/23; return 7/1 Special session: 06/01/2023 to 07/28/2023
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For the last three years, Organizational Dynamics has partnered with Human Resources at ING, a global financial services firm headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands,  through our course “Developing the Agile Leader and Their Organization.” Our partnership with ING has allowed our students to learn and gain practical experience with Agile mindset and methods. ING is a pioneer in the implementation of agile business practices especially in their HR programs.  

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. As a financial institution, ING can play a role by financing change, sharing knowledge, and using their influence. Being sustainable is not just about reducing their own impact, it’s in all the choices they make—as a lender, in their financing and through the services they offer their customers. That’s why sustainability is inherent to their purpose of empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.   

At ING in the Netherlands (DBNL), they have sharpened their Vision ‘Sustainable progress for all.’ They have set extra ambitions and targets on sustainability and launched a program to deliver new sustainable propositions. ING calls on all domains to create a roadmap by which they will be able to achieve its sustainability goals and ambitions. But how does such a central program relate to their Agile way of working where tribes have a lot of autonomy?   

ING is looking forward to expanding their relationship with Organizational Dynamics at Penn by inviting our students to join with their team to identify potential strategies for moving ahead with their sustainability efforts using an agile framework. The course includes daily meetings, seminars, tours, and networking with ING leaders and staff.  In addition, the participants will also have an opportunity to meet with and learn from Dutch representatives involved in academia, government, healthcare, art, science, culture, and the media.
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