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Master of Science in Applied Geosciences

Jack Breiner

“I’m realizing as I go through the program how applicable and useful what I’m learning is in my job and in the real world,” shares Jack Breiner (Master of Science in Applied Geosciences '18), a Senior Staff Geologist at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, “I take the material and skills that I’m learning at Penn and immediately use them the next day at work.”

Mike Sharer

Mike Sharer (MSAG ’20—expected) got his start in geology early, performing amateur soil investigations outside as a kid and coming home covered in mud. After completing his Bachelor of Science in earth and environmental sciences from Susquehanna University, Mike looked for a graduate program that would give him the applied, technical knowledge to pursue a career in environmental site remediation and restoration.

Master of Science in Applied Geosciences Virtual Café

Join Yvette Bordeaux, Director of Professional Master's Programs in Earth and Environmental Science, on the first Thursday of every month from 12 – 1 p.m. EST.

During these online chats, you can get all of your questions answered about program features, application needs and anything else you’d like to know about Penn and the MSAG program in real time. Bring the resources of Penn advising to you, anywhere in the world.

Qin Zhang

“I want to make a change in our global energy crisis,” shares Qin Zhang, a Master of Science in Applied Geosciences (MSAG) student graduating in 2017. After moving from China to Illinois for her undergraduate degree, Qin came to Penn in 2015 excited by the program’s hands-on and professional focus. “We have rich recourses here. The department is small, so the professor to student ratio is high. You can always talk to someone in MSAG.”

Emma Tardiff

When Emma Tardiff (Master of Science in Applied Geosciences `20—expected) started her master’s degree at Penn, she did not expect that her path at Penn would take her into an environmental consulting career. “I didn’t even know that was a field I could work in,” she laughs. After graduating with a major in biology from a research-focused undergraduate institution, Emma enrolled in the Master of Environmental Studies at Penn with the intent to focus on environmental biology.

Selena Oleck

“It started with my mom,” shares Selena Oleck (Master of Science in Applied Geosciences ’15) about her lifelong commitment to environmental issues. “She instilled in me from a young age that the Earth is important.” Today, Selena is a Staff Geologist for Roux Associates, an environmental consulting firm. In her role, she focuses primarily on industrial sites in New Jersey with suspected or known contamination. Her work is split between filing reports, doing field work and conducting research that helps engineers find solutions. She notes, “I like solving real-world problems.”

Mark Lotto

"The military taught me to be an effective communicator, and that’s helped me throughout the program, especially in the project management courses,” shares Mark Lotto (’16—expected), Lieutenant and EOD Officer, United States Navy Reserve.  Eager to join the workforce, Mark came to the Master of Sciences in Applied Geosciences (MSAG) program in 2015 after spending seven years doing tours in the Middle East. “I knew I wanted to start an internship right away. This program allowed me to work full-time and get work experience.”

Pau Garza

“I needed to follow my passion, and Penn opened those doors,” shares Pau Garza (Master of Science in Applied Geosciences ’13). Pau is a native of Mexico and Wisconsin with a resume that spans the globe. Joining Penn is what Pau calls in his words, “destiny.” While visiting Philadelphia to look for graduate programs in the environmental field, he found the Master of Science in Applied Geosciences (MSAG) and never looked back.

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