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Organizational Diagnosis: Diagnostic Strategies for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

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DYNM 628 001
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Dornfeld, Barry
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DYNM Categories: DE, A; DYNM Concentration: LMC.
Course Description
This seminar is designed to help participants learn multiple approaches to diagnosing the complex ways in which issues and/or problems manifest themselves in organizations. Frequently, when organizations find themselves in trouble, i.e., there are rumblings in the system about such things as lack of leadership, poor communication, diminished productivity, low morale, etc., there is a tendency to frame the problem(s) simplistically and/or locate blame in a few difficult individuals or groups. However, upon closer examination, problematic issues are often found to be symptomatic and/or symbolic of multiple issues within the organization. This course will help students understand how problems which appear at one level of the system (for example, at the personal or interpersonal level) often represent problems at other levels of the system (e.g., at the group and/or institutional level) or signify a range of inter-related issues. It will provide students with the theoretical constructs and application skills necessary for identifying and framing problem areas, collecting data, and organizing feedback to client systems. Real-time examples will inform our discussions as we consider the relationships between diagnosis, organizational reflection and appropriate action.
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