Shenika McAlister

Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Pennsylvania


Bachelor of Arts, Smith College
Master of Science, Florida State University

Because I work full-time, I wanted to take advantage of my tuition benefits. So I have been exploring all the courses that I missed out on as an undergraduate—hello, statistics! Others, I just did not have time to fit into my schedule or did not realize I was interested in the subject until after I graduated.

One of the Post-Baccalaureate Studies program greatest assets is the sheer number of courses offered in the evening. There are so many options to consider. And it was very helpful to be able to take classes that would not interfere with my work commitments.

It was hard enough to balance work and life and then I went and added school to the mix. Yet, my coursework is as important to me as anything else I do, so I make time for it. Turns out, I have better time management skills that I thought I did! But what I have enjoyed the most is meeting people with goals similar to my own – to continue to explore courses for personal enrichment.

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