World Water Forum

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ENVS 6610 660
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Heuckeroth, Debbie
Course Note
MES Env Policy/Trip to Bali required. Additional fees apply. Not for Spring 2024 graduates.
Course Description
This course will include 6 classes in the Spring semester and requires a one-week trip to Bali, Indonesia to attend the World Water Forum May 18-24.   Additional fees apply. Grades will be submitted in Summer 2024.  This course is organized around, and requires participation in, the 10th World Water Forum (WWF), May 18-24, 2024 in Bali, Indonesia:  This tri-annual forum has become the world's largest gathering of over 25,000 officials, professionals and practitioners interested in global water issues. Attendees include world leaders in water, sanitation, and health issues and represent governments, NGOs, academia, the private sector, and media professionals. The forum flyer states “Good water management can help us achieve prosperity together, and for all.”  Water management can include basic access to drinking water and sanitation, but water scarcity often impacts food supplies, and water quality degradation impacts human health and biodiversity.  We will examine how water is managed in the US, including the Delaware and Colorado River basins and then branch into global water concerns. We will explore how cross-disciplinary, holistic, systems approaches are key to sound water management.  The WWF uses a thematic process to share best practices and experiences. Students will select one of the following sub-themes for research before the conference: 1. Water Security and Prosperity; 2. Water for Humans and Nature; 3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; 4. Governance, Cooperation and Hydro-diplomacy; 5. Sustainable Water Finance 5. Knowledge and Innovation.  While at the conference students will focus on learning and networking in their own area(s) of interest.
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