Leadership: Mindset to Action

Leadership: Mindset to Action

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DYNM 6240 001
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Category: F, A. Concentrations: LMC, OC
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This course meets on the following schedule:

Fridays (virtual): 1/20; 2/10; 3/3

Saturdays (in-person): 1/21; 2/11; 3/4 

Mondays (virtual): 1/30; 2/20; 3/13

In this experiential course, theory and learning are put to work towards action in consideration of your personal context. We will examine various mindsets for leadership such as systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, servant leadership, feedback, and reflection. Through discussions and assignments, you will strengthen and deepen your knowledge of leadership styles, develop and refine your leadership style, and better articulate who you are as a leader. Throughout the course, you will assess and reflect on your leadership mindsets to explore how those mindsets are manifested in your actions; identify areas to explore and develop; and determine ways to experiment with and implement new approaches. You will reflect upon and reconcile what your leadership mindsets offer with what you do in your actions. A personal leadership narrative will be created, incorporating analysis of your past and present leadership mindsets with your plan for moving forward. Theory and practice unite to support you wherever you are on your leadership journey: whether you are an emerging leader, a new leader, a transitioning leader, or a leader of leaders. Non-Dynamics students: please include a brief job description in your Permissions Request.
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