Consulting/Coaching Tools and Techniques

Consulting/Coaching Tools and Techniques

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DYNM 6140 001
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Category: DE; Concentration: OC. Schedule: 1/14; 2/4, 18; 3/11; 4/1
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This course will offer a conceptual comprehension of the tools and techniques used in effective internal and external organizational consulting and coaching engagements.  By contrasting the theory and practice of alternative coaching models, we will build tools and techniques for effective coaching as a leadership competency. We will also learn the "how and why" of consulting frameworks; how to establish a helping relationship with the client that is collaborative, individual, and empathetic. Through an analysis of the coaching and consulting relationships in your organization, we will develop a personalized approach to coaching and expand upon consulting frameworks.  

Additionally, the relevant and often symbiotic connection between consulting and coaching will be studied.  We will explore critical questions that effect coaching and consulting: 

What process tools are most useful to today’s executive coach in a consultative environment? 

How has the expanding use of AI in coaching and consulting, including individual and organizational assessments, affected the coaching and consulting process and its availability and use within organizations? 

How have they affected the relationships between coaches and consultants and clients?   
How do approaches to consulting and coaching differ?  How are they similar?  

How can a confluence of coaching and consulting lead to more effective decision making, individual leadership development and wide-scale organizational performance? 

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