Global Supply Chain Decarbonization

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ENVS 6675 660
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Jacoby, David Steven
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MES Environmental Sustainability Elective
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After four generations of explosive global trade growth, a growing awareness of climate change and other environmental externalities has triggered a global movement toward decarbonization, localization and re-shoring. ESG pressure from investors as well as carbon-related taxes, incentives and reporting requirements are driving operations and supply management to go green. However, lowering the carbon profile of global supply chains is a massive undertaking. This class teaches a proven sequence of management decision-making frameworks and optimization tools for eliminating carbon throughout the supply chain. Students will apply logistical and supply management models that integrate carbon objectives with cost, service level, and other conventional supply chain management objectives, making the course valuable for supply chain professionals and students alike. The combination of academic constructs and real-life case studies is designed to equip students to successfully lead their companies decarbonization programs. It also prepares students to take the optional REVchain supply chain decarbonization certificate exam.

*The course requires the student to use project management software to determine task interdependencies and the critical path, and to construct a decarbonization schedule, for their group project. At least one student in each group will need to have a project management software to successfully work on the main group assignment in the class. Costs vary but range from $15-$20 a month* These costs are not covered by the program. * The cost for the REVchain certification exam, which is approximately $150, is not covered by the program. * This cost is optional.
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