Environmental Law for Environmental Professionals

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ENVS 611 660
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This course is designed to introduce non-attorney, environmental professionals to the field of environmental law, policy and regulation.   This is a survey course with a focus on the federal environmental regulatory system.  General regulatory, enforcement and compliance assistance concepts will be presented and discussed in depth.  Lectures will provide students with an introduction to and understanding of the primary components of a number of federal environmental statutes, including: Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; CERCLA; NEPA; EPCRA; RCRA; and the Safe Drinking Water Act. The interplay between federal and state environmental laws and requirements will also be discussed.  A recurring theme will be the role that the environmental professional plays as part of the interaction between governmental regulators and members of the regulated community.  Case studies will be presented to address the practical implications that environmental legal requirements have on the regulated community.  The class will explore current topics, such as climate change regulation; federalism issues; regulation of e-waste; safe drinking water issues, and the jurisdiction of federal clean water protection efforts.  Students also will develop important career tools including: learning how to testify effectively as an expert witness in administrative and judicial proceedings; and preparing persuasive expert reports.
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