Social Media and the Organization

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DYNM 558 001
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DYNM Category: A; DYNM Concentration: LMC
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If you don't yet believe in the social media revolution, then watch this: Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Tumblr. Path. Delicious. Digg. YouTube. LinkedIn. It's been less than a decade since many of these social media services have launched, yet they've transformed society in many significant ways. Social Media and the Organization will deepen your understanding of and offer real time practical experience with social media. The course will examine the current trends and use of social media in marketing, product development, customer service, networking and other facets of organizational policy and practice. Students will have hands-on participation online with the class blog,, sharing relevant case studies, analyzing social media campaigns and critiquing their own organization's culture and values surrounding social media including social media policy, staff challenges, and evaluation of challenges and opportunities in its use.
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