Strategic Approaches to Human Capital Management and Its Implications for Leaders

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DYNM 629 001
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DYNM Categories: F, DE; DYNM Concentration: LMC
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In this course we look at how human capital strategy is changing in response to increasing demands for results and more purposeful practice. We look first at the broader landscape of human capital management and see what’s new in the way an organization should approach its human capital practice. Then, we look more closely at the specific challenges – demographically, structurally and organizationally - facing managers and Human Capital professionals in an age of uncertainty, and learn what they can do to remain adaptive and competitive.

By the end of the course, through meetings and discussions, assignments, presentations, case studies, research, and required readings, participants will:

Learn how to assess and adjust Human Capital Development (HCD) policies, processes, and practices.

Think strategically about the critical human capital concerns in their own organization.

Connect and align individual and organizational learning imperatives.

Learn how to reshape human capital goals to meet continuously changing global, political, and economic environments.

Inspire leadership of human capital that is results oriented and ethical.

Identify and explore a specific human capital issue relevant and important to their organization and develop a strategic approach for addressing it.
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