Research Methods for Behavioral Science

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BDS 505 675
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Permits offered to non-MBDS students if space is available. Request a permit here: The course is a survey of methods of research in behavioral and decision sciences. We will cover principles of scientific thinking, operationalizing research questions into testable ideas, and the ethics of behavioral research. A significant portion of the class will be devoted to study designs. We will cover basics of experimental design, quasi-experiments, and observational surveys. The class will also provide an introduction to qualitative research methods, including focus groups, unstructured and semi-structured interviews, and ethnographies. We will conclude the semester with the methods of communicating our findings to different types of audiences. We will analyze research processes and results from the perspective of the information consumer. The class will be useful for those interested in learning how to read and write behavioral science publications and how to design one's own studies. For practical skills in using software to analyze data, see BDS522 and BDS516.