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CHEM 100 602
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Schumer, Mac
Course Note
Students with credit for CHEM 101 may not enroll in CHEM 100. Credit will not be awarded for both CHEM 100 and 101.
Course Description
This course is equivalent to Chemistry 101 but is intended for students with less preparation in high school chemistry and mathematics, and moves more methodically through the introductory chapters. The course covers most of the same topics as Chem101 and is designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in Chem102. In Chem100 there is a strong emphasis on problem-solving that is fundamental to all physical science. Topics will include: introduction to fundamental chemical ideas and their application to chemical reactions, stoichiometry and ideal gases. Also provided is an overview of the periodic table and classical ideas of chemical bonding using Lewis structures. Quantum theory will be introduced - focusing on its role in understanding atomic structure, the periodic table, and chemical bonding. Topics from mathematics and physics that are necessary to chemical problem-solving will be included as needed.
Subject Area Vocab