Planning in Uncertain and Complex Environments: Bridging the Trust Gap

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DYNM 605 001
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Category: DE, A; Concentration: LMC. Schedule: Please see description.
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This course will meet  on the following dates: 9/12, 26; 10/3, 10, 17; 11/ 7, 21; 12/5, 12.
The syllabus and calendar outline which of those dates are synchronous and which are asynchronous.  DYNM 605 is a uniquely blended content of thought leadership vetted by subject matter experts worldwide adapted to today’s constraints and challenges of virtual communications.  This participant-centered set of seminars is an opportunity to increase both awareness and knowledge of risk and uncertainty by examining causes of unexpected events in predictive (classic) and adaptive (agile) project frameworks. Successful applications of non-deterministic approaches are explored as antidotes to constrained command and control project environments. Course content is valuable in roles, organizations, and sectors of all types. Prominent project/operational risk management methodologies are included in this seminar. Processes advanced by the Project Management Institute, AACE International, U.K. Association for Project Management, International Council on Systems Engineering, and by the International Organization for Standardization are contrasted with industry specific practices, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, NASA, and the Departments of Defense and Energy. Case examples are based on relevant experience. Participants perform hands-on implementation of processes in realistic team working sessions and facilitated dialogue. Spreadsheet/network analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation tools will be included in the course and clinics (see syllabus).
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