Introduction to Data Analytics

Course Number
LEAD 305 620
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Kates, Sean
Primary Program
Course Note
Special session: 10/29/2020 to 12/22/2020
Course Description
In our digital world, data-driven decision-making is becoming more common and more expected. Effective leadership and communication, therefore, often hinges on the ability to acquire, manage, analyze, and display large, quantitative data sets. Even many entry-level jobs assume or require basic knowledge of data analytics. This course introduces students to important concepts in data analytics across a wide range of applications using the programming language R. Students complete the course with a clear understanding of how to utilize quantitative data in real-time problem identification, decision-making, and problem-solving. No prerequisites in statistics or math are required. This course will have required synchronous sessions and the instructor will offer a choice of times. Only open to Data Analytics certificate students in LPS Online Program. Please email to request a permit.