Intermediate Organic Chemistry

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CHEM 746 201
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Kelly, Christopher
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Course Description:  CHEM 746 is intended to expose students to the fundamental principles underpinning reactivity in organic chemistry and build on topics learned in undergraduate organic chemistry. The emphasis of the course will be on conceptualizing patterns within organic synthesis to be able to address problems in synthesis that students will encounter in later course work and research. Themes include the intersection of acid-base concepts with reactivity, mechanistic approaches to problem solving, retrosynthetic analysis for complex molecules synthesis, and new developments in organic chemistry.   Goals of the Course: This course seeks to teach students to think critically while expanding on the fundamentals of organic chemistry. Upon completion of the course, students should have the necessary skills to better analyze organic processes mechanistically and dissect organic molecules retrosynthetically. The concepts from the course can readily be applied to important problems in chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, and fundamental organic chemistry.
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