Florence Myth and History

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ITAL 1871 950
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COL-SECTOR-Arts & Letter
COL-FND-CrossCultural Analysis
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The course explores the historical, social, and cultural history of Florence across the centuries. Florence, which has been one of the largest and most powerful city-states since the Middle Ages, has undergone different changes that have significantly shaped both the character and the urban texture of the city. Cradle of the Renaissance, culinary and fashion hub, a political laboratory, Florence has lived many lives that will be discussed in the course, also offering comparisons with other Italian and Mediterranean realities. Readings by authors, philosophers, architects, and artists will be complemented by field trips, excursions, and tours of Florence¿s most iconic sites and monuments. Trips to other Tuscan cities (Siena, S. Gimignano, Arezzo, Cortona) will be part of the course.
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