Engineering Geology

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EESC 6840 690
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MSAG Required Course
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Engineering Geology is the branch of geology that assures the safety, efficiency, and economy of engineering and environmental projects.  As the human population continues to increase, building in the environment, protecting and remediating the environment, and sustainably mining earth’s resources become more important.  Engineering geology interfaces closely with Civil Engineering to assist in site selections, desktop site investigations, direct subsurface site investigations, development of three-dimensional engineering stratigraphic models, and assistance with soil and rock engineering and geochemical design parameters.  This course will concentrate on the occurrence and distribution of earth’s rocks and soils and their engineering and environmental properties.  The engineering classification, testing, and use of the earth materials will be emphasized.  The geohazards of engineering in rocks and soil, as well as, natural geologic hazards such as floods and earthquakes will also be studied in the context of geologic history and the planning and use of the geologic environment. This is an asynchronous/online course.