Diversity Beyond Lip Service: The Evolution of the Corporate Experience

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DYNM 681 001
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Harris, La'Wana
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DYNM Category: DE, A; DYNM Concentrations: LMC, GL, OC
Course Description
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the future of work trends. The world has changed in ways that can’t be undone. We must consider the new context for how we work inclusively in organizations, and the efficacy of our systems and practices to best serve internal and external stakeholders. This course is designed to help students navigate the cutting-edge of this corporate evolution. We will analyze theoretical approaches and practices for DEI strategy and implementation. Class sessions, case studies, everyday culture scenarios, group projects, DEI strategy proposals, and discussions will examine practical approaches to address the dynamics that create discomfort, fear, and apathy in organization leaders. Students will be encouraged to develop proactive and innovative solutions integrating modern theories and practical application to help mitigate this discomfort and fear; while also cultivating sustainable accountability and tangible outcomes.  Students will gain practical skills to join the movement of the post-COVID workforce towards creating the long overdue—and lasting—social, cultural, organizational change, and evolution.
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