Developing the Agile Leader and Their Organization

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DYNM 6320 001
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DYNM Category: A. DYNM Concentration: LMC
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The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how to use certain agile mindsets and methods to drive strategic organizational initiatives and achieve sustainable results.   The goal of this course is to teach participants how practically to lead and apply the methods and practices effectively, including how to:  ·Frame difficult or ambiguous problems clearly ·Lead sustainable change initiatives ·Obtain alignment, agreement and create accountability around goals ·Implement new ways of thinking and working in an Agile-like way ·Develop open, inclusive teams   ·Create shared leadership and a culture that embraces continuous learning. What you’ll gain by attending this course – In-depth knowledge of, and practical experience with, agile, design thinking and other emerging business strategies to help position you for current and future leadership roles as well as to develop the expertise required to design and lead successful organizational dynamics initiatives. The course is based on the five modules of our Strategic Agile Leadership Framework:   ·The Agile Mindset ·The Anchor of Agile - EBIT2DA ·The Leader’s GPS – Four Critical Roles ·The Gateway to Agile – Six Ways of Working ·  The Strategic Doing Agile Toolkit   Participants will have an opportunity to learn from, and work directly with, some amazing senior level leaders at organizations such as Walmart, Neiman Marcus, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, ING, Mitsubishi Financial Group, Philips and others who will share with the class their own stories of transformation through Agile methods and practices. They will also be available for advice and support when participants get to work on their own transformation assignment for the course. By combining contemporary research on agile and leadership practice with lessons learned from applications at Fortune organizations, this interactive course will provide you with a strong theoretical framework and practical experiences to create your own enterprise-level transformation project.   The final team project will be a comprehensive case study that students will present to a live panel of business leaders who will provide feedback and mentorship. The final individual project will be personal reflections on your journey through the course  
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