Communication Competence: Extracting Value in Key Organizational Interactions

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DYNM 6760 001
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This course explores the direct and indirect relationships between interpersonal communication skills and the ability to derive increased value from organizational interactions. Participants will assess their own interpersonal communication skills while expanding their own communication practices within organizational contexts. At the same time, students will develop greater insights into their own organization’s communication norms.

Students should prepare to be co-collaborators throughout the semester, adding personal insights and expertise to the conversation. Through this course, class participants will work to expand their personal communication repertoire as they develop critical listening and empathy skills. Participants will conduct their own communication skills assessment, determining their own communication strengths and identify specific areas for improvement. Finally, throughout the semester participants engage in creative multi-modal research projects, the findings of which will be presented in class. Non-Dynamics students: please include a brief job description in your Permissions Request.
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