Communication Competence: Extracting Value in Key Organizational Interactions

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DYNM 676 001
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DYNM Category: A; DYNM Concentrations: LMC
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Often an organization can facilitate its own success by employing fundamental communication practices during value-latent interpersonal interactions.  In this course we explore the direct relationship between competent communication and the ability to extract maximum value in most Key Organizational Interactions. Starting off on a personal development note and building off time-tested principles, participants will conduct their own communication skills assessment to determine their own communication strengths and identify specific areas for improvement. Qualities such as effective empathy and active listening are also explored. Moving into the organizational realm, together we define then locate those Key Organizational Interactions, both within and external to the organization, that significantly impact how that organization is perceived.  We explore all the possible value points within these Key Organizational Interactions, how they tie into the organization’s strategic objectives, and how to best interpersonally approach them.

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