Nazli Bhatia

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Psychology; Lecturer, the Wharton School

Dr. Nazlı Bhatia is a senior research fellow in the Psychology Department and a lecturer at the Wharton School. In her research, Nazli seeks to better understand the powerful role words can play in a variety of interpersonal contexts. The main domain in which she explores this question is negotiation, where she studies rhetorical strategies—that is, the different ways in which proposals, offers, and concessions can be presented to influence the negotiation process and outcome. Though past research has mostly treated the bargaining process as an exchange of numbers, Nazli’s work finds that the way in which offers are communicated critically influences interpersonal and economic outcomes in negotiation. 

Nazli teaches two different courses on negotiation as well as a course on power and influence. In the past, she has taught courses on organizational behavior, cross-cultural management, and managing teams. She has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Theory from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to coming to Penn, she worked as an assistant professor in Portugal and in Qatar.