Penn’s Applied Geosciences Program

Photo of University of Pennsylvania’s Applied Geosciences Program students on a field trip

Stay at the forefront of environmental engineering, remediation, and green infrastructure

For experienced geoscientists looking to advance in the field, the University of Pennsylvania’s Applied Geosciences Program offers fully online and practical options that prepare you to take the next step in your career. Our faculty of leading academic researchers and experienced practitioners bring you the latest in industry best practices, methods, and technology. You'll also receive ongoing, one-on-one support from an academic advisor committed to your success.

Penn’s Applied Geosciences Program offers multiple ways to access the rigorous academics and professional opportunities that will help you achieve your goals:

  • Master of Science in Applied Geosciences: This degree program will deepen your theoretical and technical expertise and hone essential skills for leadership and advancement. The program is structured to give you a foundation in applied scientific knowledge and to train you to put that knowledge into action. 
  • Applied Geosciences Program Graduate Certificates: We offer two online graduate certificates for students with a focused set of outcomes in mind who want to earn a credential more quickly than a full degree allows: A certificate in Engineering Geology and a Certificate in Environmental Hydrogeology.
  • Individual Course-Taking: The entire catalog of online applied geosciences courses is open to individual course-takers, creating a flexible and accessible path toward advancing your knowledge in a specific area. You can enroll in up to three courses a semester.