Penn’s Online Master of Science in Applied Geosciences

Penn’s Master of Science in Applied Geosciences student working in he field

Stay at the forefront of environmental engineering, remediation, and green infrastructure with an online graduate degree in the geosciences.

For experienced geoscientists looking to advance in the field, the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Science in Applied Geosciences is a fully online and highly practical program that prepares you to take the next step in your career. Our faculty of leading academic researchers and experienced practitioners bring students the latest in industry best practices, methods, and technology. You'll also receive ongoing, one-on-one support from an academic advisor committed to your success.

  • Gain knowledge and project management experience to accelerate your Professional Geologist (PG) licensure
  • Demonstrate your abilities to current or prospective employers through the capstone experience
  • Enroll full or part time as your schedule allows, so you can pursue your education without interrupting your career
  • Complete the 12-course program in two to four years, depending on course load

Master of Science in Applied Geosciences ‘18

“It’s a very intriguing science to try and figure out what’s going on beneath our feet. There’s so much innovation going on all of the time. Knowing what’s out there on the fringe that you can apply to a site might change the tide for you and your client. I realized how applicable and useful what I learned is in my job and in the real world. I took the material and skills that I learned at Penn and immediately used them the next day.”

Master of Science in Applied Geosciences ‘20

“There are enough things in life that people with more money have greater access to. Water should not be one of them. For people in policy, it’s important to know about source water protection and how that influences equitable distribution of high-quality water. I’ve been so lucky to travel internationally for water work, and that’s a product of coming to Penn and being able to connect with people that have such vast knowledge and abilities.”