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Course Number
ENVS 5404 660
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Course Note
MES Concentration Course in Env Biology or Resource Management/MSAG Elective
Course Description
The course aims to increase understanding and appreciation of wetlands characterized by extended periods of saturation or inundation, anoxic soils, and plants and animals adapted to these conditions.  Wetlands vary due to differences in climate and geomorphology and perform multiple functions that are of great value. Extensive areas of wetland have been lost to agriculture and development.  Recognition of their significant ecological importance has led to passage of governmental laws and regulations aimed at increased protection of wetlands. We will develop a sense of wetland diversity through individual presentations of a selected wetland that a student either visits and characterizes or reviews in the literature.  Students will work individually or collaboratively on a second project examining the human-wetland connection.  Five exercises will reinforce material presented in class.  Students are required to attend and complete a written summary of two of four all-day weekend field trips that illustrate the variety of regional wetlands from tidal salt marsh to boreal peatland.  A take-home final essay exam will involve review and synthesis of course content.  Guest speakers will expand our understanding of current wetland research and management issues.  
Subject Area Vocab