Strategic Engagement with Government

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DYNM 6570 001
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DYNM Category: A; DYNM Concentration: LMC.
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This course meets in an intensive format both on-campus in Philadelphia and offsite in Washington, DC. 
Philadelphia dates: 3/3-5Washington, DC dates: 3/9-11

There may be a course fee to cover logistical expenses in DC, amount TBA.
Government actions play a major role in business and most other organizations, shaping the environment in which organizations operate and making direct purchasing and investment decisions. Effective organizations consider, respond to and shape government decisions that impact them. This course will explore ways in which the private and public sectors interact and will equip organization leaders to engage strategically with governments around the world.  Students will study how government actions influence results and will learn proven methods for optimizing growth and reducing risk from interaction with governments.
The course will use case studies and small group exercises to illustrate and emphasize key points. Students will also engage with business and government leaders, who will discuss challenges they face and successful approaches to addressing those challenges. 
Readings will be assigned before the course begins and during the days between the Philadelphia and Washington portions of the course.

Students outside of Dynamics and Fels: please include a brief job description in your Permissions Request.
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