Global Leadership and Biographical Analysis- Biographical Analysis, Individual Capstone

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IMPA 610 001
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What is your LTSP—Leadership Traits & Skills Profile—and what are your leadership-relevant signature strengths as a present or potential problem-solving leader in whichever sector and whether working domestically or internationally?  What might you learn about your own LTSP and how to refine it by examining the lessons in leadership and life to be learned by researching a significant global leader, whether classic or contemporary, living or dead, mostly liked or loved or mostly disliked or even hated?  Working quasi-independently with an assigned I-MPA advisor, each student follows the ten-point “Mini-Biographical Analysis” (MBA) protocols imparted in I-MPA 605, and produces a well-sourced Mini-Biographical Analysis on a single significant global public leader.  This course is conducted as an advanced research and writing project that results in a paper that is deemed by the I-MPA faculty to be within the realm of professional if not publishable quality.