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ASL/Deaf Studies - ABCS

Course Number
ASLD 077 680
Course Code
Course Key
ASLD 078 or permission from coordinator
Primary Program
Course Note
Offered through Penn Language Center. New Abbreviation ASLD 077
Course Description
For this course, students will attend Pennsylvania School for the Deaf on a weekly basis where they will participate in and contribute to the school community via tutoring or other mutually agreeable activities.  Students will also have formal class on a weekly basis with discussions and activities centering on reflection of community experiences through linguistic as well as cultural lenses.  Additionally, drawing from the required Linguistics and other ASL/Deaf Studies coursework, students will develop an inquiry question and conduct preliminary community-based research to analyze sociolinguistic variations of ASL and Deaf cultural attitudes, behaviors, and norms.  Ongoing reflections and discussions-formal and informal-on Deaf cultural/theoretical topics drawing from readings as well as community experiences will be integral to the course experience.  LING 078, Topics in Deaf Culture and permission from the instructor, are required for this course.
Subject Area Vocab