Anatomy of the Head and Neck: Cranial Nerves and Their Distribution

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ANAT 5170 900
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This 0.5 CU human anatomy course will cover anatomy, embryology, histology, and imaging of the head and neck with emphasis on the cranial nerves and their distribution. The objectives are to: 1) identify major bone and cartilage components of the neck and skull and how they develop; 2) describe sources of innervation to face, CN V and VII; 3) name cranial nerve innervations of extraocular muscles of the eyes; 4) name major elements that make up naso-, oro-, and laryngeal pharynx; 5) name the cranial nerves involved in swallowing; 6) identify the signs and symptoms of lesions of each of the cranial nerves; and 7) identify structures on CT and plain film imaging of head and neck. This course is open to LPS Pre-Health, Post-Baccalaureate, Alumni, and Non-degree Undergraduate students only.
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