Advanced Tamil

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Course Number
TAML 446 680
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Course Key
TAML 426 or permission of instructor
Primary Program
Course Description
This course Advanced Tamil Course has its primary
 focus is to concentrate particularly on any one of the genres of the Tamil
 language namely Sangam, medieval or modern Tamil, which span a vast variety of
 texts from Aham, Puram, religious poems along with a whole array of Tamil
 inscriptions.  The familiarity from Advanced Tamil I course will be adequately
 used to master in any aspect of these three genres of the Tamil language.
 Based on the general interests of the students who are enrolled in this course
 specific variety of the text to concentrate upon will be selected.  In the
 past, we have read poems from the Sangam genre Purananuru, Ahananuru,
 Silappatikaram, Manimekalai etc., along with the parallel religious poems from
 Tirumurai, Nalayira Divyaprabandam and so on.  We have also read as part of
 this course texts from Islam literature, Tamil inscriptions and other related
 kinds.  Text from the instructors book (to be published), "Ilakkiyap
 payaNangkaL" will be used to give a birds eye view to students about Tamil
 literature and the transitions that took place from Sangam, medieval and
 modern period.  This course will train students to have a near-native
 proficiency in Tamil along with a professional skill in any particular variety
 of the Tamil language.
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